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Conditions and Information

Please fill as much as you can of the form, each detail is very important for us to give you the exact quotation. When the time of ceremony is unknow, kindly state whether it is a morning or evening wedding. No commitment is taken from either side, until booking is done so if you are still unsure about booking or not, you can opt to request for a temporary reservation that last 30 days or until there is an other booking, while you can have some time to decide.

We do our very best to reply these quotation requests at our earliest possible, so if you do not receive any reply within 48 hours, kindly contact us otherwise. We ensure that your personal information is kept confidential and secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act (2001) and we will only use it for the purposes it is given.

The company may refuse to send a quotation via e-mail, especially in the case when personal data is invented, or misleading.

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